Comics for easier conversations at your workplace

This post gives you a few comic strips and a related work scenario to use them.

I like comics and comic strips. I actively use comics at my workplace. Comics make it easier to make my point. I use images which set contexts and help me frame or re-frame my point of view. In this series of blog posts, I am sharing some comics that I use at work. I hope it helps you drive your conversations & hit the right note in an easier manner.

A few comics:

1) Getting an estimate is a hard task as it has numerous factors.
2) Classic Regression – If you think you have fixed 1 regression bug, think again! There are all chances that few others might return.
3) Mistakes are human – Everybody makes mistakes, accept it and move on.
4) Perspective with bugs – There may be several tests passed, but you will definitely worry about the one which has Failed.
5) If testers were Rockstars

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