Where is your engineering team spending most of its time each sprint?

We have been using Python to analyze data in Jira. We have developed sprint metrics (we call them bucket metrics) based on Jira data as part of our engineering benchmarks application. The graphs we produce helps us during sprint retrospective meetings Note: This post is written in continuation with the other blog posts on engineering team metrics An example bucket metric In this […]

Analyze JIRA data with Python

Most of our clients (Agile software teams) use Atlassian Jira for managing tickets and sprints. Every day, we keep updating the Jira for all tasks that are being worked upon. We realized that Jira has huge project/team data logs but Jira reports were not that helpful in capturing work habits of teams. Hence, Qxf2 has ended up developing an ‘Engineering Benchmarks’ […]

Getting started with MongoDB and Python

I was recently playing around with MongoDB. It took me a little while to get setup and write some simple Python scripts to access it. I thought I would write up a summary and share my learning. Why this post? Companies have begun adopting MongoDB at a good clip. I think, interacting with a NoSQL database will soon become a […]

Designing your testing tiers

This post is for early stage startups who have only a production tier and do their testing on their development environment. We have a short checklist of things to consider, some suggestions on evolving your test tiers and finally some advice on dealing with data. A checklist for setting up your testing tier A well designed test tier will efficiently […]