Sending Email through Amazon SES with Flask App

This post is about sending automated Emails with Amazon Simple Email Service(SES). We wanted to explore Amazon SES and hence implemented a sample Flask app to send an automated email. What is Amazon SES? Email is the heartline of any business these days. So sending an automated email,is an important part of business, whether it is the response to a […]

Clearing springy.js graphs

I recently used springy.js as part of writing a web application. I chose springy.js because it made it super simple to draw directed graph network. However, I ran into a problem when I updated the graph via an ajax call. The graph flickered and sometimes displayed the data from the previous ajax request. This post outlines how I ended up […]

Integrating Tox with CircleCI

Tox is a generic virtual environment management and test command-line tool used to run your tests in different environments and with different Python versions. This blog guides you in the implementation of Tox with CircleCI. I will be integrating Tox in CircleCI for our qxf2-page-object-model framework. I have divided the integration process into two main sections: Editing the config.yml file […]