Analyze JIRA data with Python

Most of our clients (Agile software teams) use Atlassian Jira for managing tickets and sprints. Every day, we keep updating the Jira for all tasks that are being worked upon. We realized that Jira has huge project/team data logs but Jira reports were not that helpful in capturing work habits of teams. Hence, Qxf2 has ended up developing an ‘Engineering Benchmarks’ […]

Automated cloud testing setup using Selenium grid and Docker Swarm

Maintaining infrastructure for automated Selenium cross-browser tests is time-consuming. The cloud testing platforms like BrowserStack and Saucelabs help you. But in some cases, you want to have your own cloud testing environment. This is usually time-consuming and involves setting up and using Selenium Grid. This post helps testers to automate the setup process for cloud-based testing. We hope this post […]

ReportPortal integration with pytest and pytest markers

Problem: If QA wants to make a difference with their testing and influence decision-making, we should convey our test results clearly. Hence test reporting becomes an important part of testing.   There are several test reporting tools available and recently many AI based test reporting tools are getting popular. Integrating with these reporting tools is useful. In this post, we […]