Rust Clap journey – a little further

At Qxf2 we are always on the lookout to go wider and deeper into evolving our technical toolbelt. One such initiative was to explore popular Rust crates and to come up with code samples showing implementation of important features. Clap is a popular crate in Rust, that aids in developing CLI applications seamlessly. In our opening blog, we gave you […]

Monitoring Uvicorn using Monit

In this blog post, I will share my take of solving a specific issue faced while setting up monitoring for a Uvicorn server using Monit. At Qxf2, we have a web application built with ReactJS, Neo4j and FastAPI, implemented for an internal use-case. It runs on an EC2 instance. The application, silently going down has been troublesome. Hence, we looked […]

Arduino project – Remote based toll gate and automatic parking indicator system

This post details about building a wireless toll gate and an automatic parking indicator system using Arduino. It will help anyone (including a beginner) who is interested to try their hands-on building and testing an Arduino project using IR remote / receiver, Ultrasonic sensor and servo motor. Project brief The idea is, When a vehicle approaches the toll gate, a […]