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This page was created by Qxf2 Services and Mangalore Infotech to help testers practice Selenium. Selenium lets you control the browser through a script. Selenium lets you interact with browsers in a manner similar to real users interacting with browsers. For example, you can fill in text, click buttons, hover over elements, chose drop downs, validate text, etc.

Selenium for beginners: Practice page 1

This page contains the most common HTML elements that you will interact with on a webpage. You can use this page to practice the follow with Selenium:

  • Navigate to a specific URL

    (come to this page)

  • Fill text fields

    (fill the Example Form below)

  • Set a dropdown

    (set Gender in the Example Form below)

  • Enable/disable a checkbox

    (click on I agree)

  • Click a button

    (submit the Example Form below)

  • Identify elements without ids

    (the email field of Example Form below)

  • Check for form validation messages

    (submit empty form)

  • Check for successful form submit

    (goes to a new page)

  • Hover and click

    (Menu > Resources > GUI automation)

  • Count the number of rows in a table

    (use the Example Table table below)

  • Get the text from a table row

    (use the Example Table table below)

  • Get text in a cell of a table

    (use the Example Table table below)

NOTE: We presented a tutorial aimed at Selenium newbies as part of the Mangaluru Software Testing Group. You can find the corresponding code on our GitHub repository.

Example Form

Example Table

Name Email Phone Gender
Michael 9898989898 Male
Williams 7878787878 Female
Roger Federer 6767676767 Male