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Problem: The page object pattern is not yet understood by the average tester. To get the most out of this post, please read this post and then read at least…

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Firebug has been my favorite Firefox add-on for a long time now. In the time before every browser had decent developer tools, Firebug was a revolutionary add-on that allowed many…

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Problem: Writing XPaths is hard and confusing when there are no unique identifiers XPath (XML Path Language) is a query language for selecting nodes from Document Object Models (DOM) like…

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Problem: Automating tests for APIs and backend services can be time consuming. Runscope is a powerful tool to help you quickly get started with API testing. Runscope is a tool…

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Problem:¬†Maintaining testing infrastructure for testing across different combinations of browser, browser version and platform is difficult and time consuming. Of late, there are many tools that help testers quickly spin…

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Problem: The online documentation for Mechanize in Python is lacking. Case in point, this question on stackoverflow remained unanswered until we added the answer. This post hopes to provide you…

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