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I recently used a neat solution that involved JavaScript evaluate() and XPaths as part of an automated GUI check. I am good with Python and writing XPaths for locators but…

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Ever wondered if your XPath is good enough? Did your XPath break for any minor changes made in the webpage? Did your XPath return a different element? If your answer…

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Assuming you already know what you want to automate and that you have a good reason to automate it, then GUI automation is largely about: a) identifying a web element…

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android appium automation mobile mobile automation python Selenium xpath

Firebug has been my favorite Firefox add-on for a long time now. In the time before every browser had decent developer tools, Firebug was a revolutionary add-on that allowed many…

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Problem: Writing XPaths is hard and confusing when there are no unique identifiers XPath (XML Path Language) is a query language for selecting nodes from Document Object Models (DOM) like…

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