How to rearm Windows trial license

This post is meant for testers who use to run cross browser tests. If you are a tester and do not know about, I recommend reading our post on cross browser testing tools. was created by Microsoft and allows you to use Windows virtual machines without purchasing Windows licenses. Its awesome! The downside is that the […]

Batman and Page Objects

Problem: The page object pattern is not yet understood by the average tester. To get the most out of this post, please read this post and then read at least one of the articles listed in the Holy further reading, Batman! section below. Why this post? There are many ways to write and maintain GUI automation tests. The most common […]

Mobile automation: Run Appium tests on Sauce Labs

Problem: Maintaining infrastructure for testing your mobile applications on different platforms and browser versions is time consuming. Why this post? This post was written for the hands on tester looking to explore different tools testers can use for mobile automation. In this post we will show you how to run your Appium tests on Sauce Labs. We estimate that you […]