Qxf2 is hiring (April 2019)

This is a short post to let regular readers of this blog know that Qxf2 is hiring. We have multiple openings for:

a) QA managers
b) Senior QA engineers

The job is limited to people staying in India. You can apply to these jobs by writing to Arun (mak@qxf2.com) OR Smitha (smitha@qxf2.com).

You can learn more about the kind of company we are building on our careers page.

You can learn more about our typical interview process over here: https://qxf2.com/blog/expect-technical-interview/


Arunkumar Muralidharan

I want to find out what conditions produce remarkable software. A few years ago, I chose to work as the first professional tester at a startup. I successfully won credibility for testers and established a world-class team. I have lead the testing for early versions of multiple products. Today, I run Qxf2 Services. Qxf2 provides software testing services for startups. If you are interested in what Qxf2 offers or simply want to talk about testing, you can contact me at: mak@qxf2.com. I like testing, math, chess and dogs.

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