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Hi, I am Arun, founder of Qxf2 Services. Thanks for considering Qxf2 as a potential employer. The decision to interview with a small company like us can feel like shooting in the dark. You want to learn more about the company but you probably do not know anyone working with us. You would really like to know about the working conditions but you cannot find Glassdoor reviews. The lack of information online can be frustrating. I wrote this page to help potential candidates, like you, to learn more about Qxf2. To give you a realistic picture, I have tried to keep the tone blunt and balanced. If you are considering interviewing with us, please take a few minutes to read through this page and see if Qxf2 is going to be a good fit for you.

1. What kind of company are we trying to build?

Please spend time reading this section. If you are at odds with the kind of company we are building, then chances are you will not be happy joining Qxf2. Many candidates assume that our goal is to grow rapidly. I have good reasons to not do that. I'd rather spend my time making Qxf2 a place where I would like to work. What does that mean? Well, read on to find out.

2. Myths about small companies

I notice a few prevalent myths about small companies among candidates that interview with us. Quite often these myths play a big role is setting the wrong expectations from Qxf2. Please read through this section. I have laid out the most common myths that we encounter. Hopefully, this will help you re-calibrate your expectations and give you a more realistic view about working with us. Read more

3. Reasons NOT to join Qxf2

No company can be a good fit for everyone. In that regard, Qxf2 is no different. As much as I would like to be inclusive, I realize that we are still a small, evolving company and have drawbacks we need to address before we are a good choice for most people. But this may not be clear to everyone. And the cost of employing an unhappy colleague at this early stage is enormous. So I want to make some points explicit and leave you with no doubt about the kind of company you will be joining. Learn more.

4. Reasons to join Qxf2

There are plenty of good reasons to join Qxf2. And I want to highlight at least a few of them! We invest in R&D (i.e., you will learn a lot!), we work with startups (i.e., you will learn a lot!), we employ enterprising folk (i.e., you will learn a lot!), we encourage you to work from home (no commute = more time for yourself!), we pay you to attend one conference a year (meet more interesting people!) and the list goes on. Learn more!

5. Frequently asked questions

As a candidate, you should feel free to press me about any concern you may have. I promise to give you an honest reply. But I know some candidates feel uncomfortable having these crucial conversations. I also know that there are a few screening questions you would love to ask me before even considering interviewing with Qxf2. I have compiled a list of such questions and answered them over here.

6. No resumes needed ... initially

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