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Problem: Writing XPaths is hard and confusing when there are no unique identifiers XPath (XML Path Language) is a query language for selecting nodes from Document Object Models (DOM) like…

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Takeaway: Clients and users are not always the same entity. Clients pay for the product. Users use the product. Clients and users can have different success criteria for your product.…

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Problem: The online documentation for Mechanize in Python is lacking. Case in point, this question on stackoverflow remained unanswered until we added the answer. This post hopes to provide you…

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Problem: Developing a reliable test runner for your automation takes time. At Qxf2, we would rather spend our time improving the quality of the tests and making automated checks more…

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Does your application uses CAS for authentication? Unless your CAS server has already been configured to allow for scripted login, automating login for applications that use CAS could be tough.…

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