Android and Appium: Press Enter on the soft keyboard

Problem: Use Appium and press ‘Enter’ on the soft keyboard. This post continues our series on intermediate level problems when automating mobile application tests using Appium. We thought of sending a KeyEvent to an input (textbox) element using Appium. Superficially this appears to be trivial, but while writing the script, figured out otherwise. To our surprise, it failed. And there […]

Python Appium tests on different Android versions

Problem: UI element identifiers are not consistent across mobile platforms. Mobile is eating the world. However mobile operating systems are not yet fully mature. For example, UI element identifiers change between versions of the same OS. They also look different across Android and iOS. This causes automation scripts to be brittle. We hit this problem recently. We were writing automation […]

Cool things I read this week (22-Feb-2015)

I read. A lot. And I share the five best things I read every week. This week’s topics include Feynman on chess and science, a David Snowden blog post, a bug that ended a relationship, thoughts on WordPress and a cartoon. 1. Feynman on chess and science 2. Describe. Don’t evaluate 3. A bug that ended a relationship 4. Where […]