A configurable pothole for testing autonomous cars – Part 4

This is our last post in a four-part series about building a configurable pothole for testing autonomous cars. We built the configurable pothole prototype with five independent Scotch Yoke units controlled by servo motors and an Arduino UNO. For more background, please read the previous post of this series where we discuss how to interface Scotch Yoke units with Arduino UNO and […]

A configurable pothole for testing autonomous cars- Part 2

Autonomous cars are becoming a reality. We were wondering how testers could contribute to overcoming the engineering challenges related to self-driving cars. In the previous post of series, we discussed how self-driving cars work, typical sensors used in self-driving cars and some unconquered engineering challenges for self-driving cars. At the end of the post, we decided pothole detection was a suitable […]

Cleaning data with Python

I am sharing some tips and tricks on cleaning data and restructuring the data you are using for testing. Why this post? Qxf2 works with many data intensive applications. I’ve noticed a pattern – my colleagues hit very similar data related problems across many different projects. That got me thinking critically about test data. I was thrilled to stumble upon […]

Qxf2 internship program: Version 1.0

We trained two recently graduated engineers as part of an internship program. This post gives you a summary of what we did, how the interns felt about the program and what we learned. The origins of our internship program This section and the next is written by Arun, Qxf2’s founder. Last March, thanks to a suggestion by a rejected candidate, […]

Things freshers believe about a career in testing

Qxf2 wants to help testers. We think it is the best way to build our brand and showcase our work. We do a decent job of helping experienced testers get started with tools. But we do a lousy job of helping fresh graduates. So one of our goals over the next several months is to conduct paid internship programs that […]