Getting started with MongoDB and Python

I was recently playing around with MongoDB. It took me a little while to get setup and write some simple Python scripts to access it. I thought I would write up a summary and share my learning. Why this post? Companies have begun adopting MongoDB at a good clip. I think, interacting with a NoSQL database will soon become a […]

Running Selenium automation using Sauce Labs: Part 3

Problem: Different test runs require different configuration on Sauce Labs. In this post, we will show you how to make your automated test runs to use specific configuration parameters of Sauce Labs. TWEAKING SAUCE LABS CONFIGURATION Some nightly automated selenium checks that we run at Qxf2 Services need to be run only on specific browsers. Further some of our nightly […]

Running Selenium automation using Sauce Labs: Part I

Problem: Maintaining infrastructure for automated Selenium cross browser tests is time consuming. At Qxf2 Services, we use Selenium and Python for UI testing of web applications. Recently, we began using Sauce Labs to run our automated tests against different browsers. Sauce Labs cloud testing platform allows you to test web applications on 200+ browsers and platforms. They support the major […]

Python Mechanize – the missing manual

Problem: The online documentation for Mechanize in Python is lacking. Case in point, this question on stackoverflow remained unanswered until we added the answer. This post hopes to provide you with the key missing pieces. We love Python at Qxf2 Services. We chose the Mechanize module to test REST services and automate a lot of our test setup tasks by […]

CAS automated login

Does your application uses CAS for authentication? Unless your CAS server has already been configured to allow for scripted login, automating login for applications that use CAS could be tough. One way we automated the login operation for an application that uses CAS for authentication was to mimic the browser. Python is the language of choice at Qxf2 Services. To […]