CAS automated login

Does your application uses CAS for authentication? Unless your CAS server has already been configured to allow for scripted login, automating login for applications that use CAS could be tough. One way we automated the login operation for an application that uses CAS for authentication was to mimic the browser. Python is the language of choice at Qxf2 Services. To […]

Add ‘all’ to questions

Alice was crossing the street, lost in her iPod, unaware of traffic. Bob was in his Toyota Prius driving towards Alice. Unknown to both of them, the traffic signal had a bug causing the walk sign to overlap ever so slightly with the end of the green light. Bob saw Alice and slammed the brakes. Unfortunately, the Prius’ braking system […]

Over what time frame?

Takeaway: Ask “Over what time frame?” When to use?: As always, it depends. I usually ask “Over what time frame” when I seem to be agreeing with multiple sides of an argument. “Over what time frame?” is a powerful question to set context, especially in early stage software and/or recently formed teams. Why? Because the quality of a solution is […]