Cool things I read this week (18-Jan-2015)

I read. A lot. And I share the five best things I read every week. I got back from a week long vacation. In my leisure, I spent time working on mathematics. This week’s topics are about mathematics and a cartoon. 1. Manjul Bhargava on mathematics and economic growth 2. Hamming on the unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics 3. Are you […]

State of testing Survey 2015

Hey, professional tester! Want to identify trends in our profession? Ever wondered what the testing world is going to look like in a few years? Curious about how testers across the world are being compensated? Luckily for us, Joel Montvelisky (PractiTest, QA Intelligence) and Lalit Bhamare (Tea Time with Testers) are conducting the second installment of their survey on the […]