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Is your startup having trouble hiring the right testers?

You successfully released version 1.0 of your product. You are now rapidly adding features, refactoring critical code and scaling your product - all at once. Naturally, bugs are creeping into production. You want testing to solve this problem. But testing is not your core skill and you don't want to spend all your time telling testers what exactly to do. Instead, you are looking for someone to own testing. Someone to advise you on suitable testing tools, approaches and practices. Someone to lay the foundation for testing at your startup. But after dozens of interviews, you are having trouble finding a suitable candidate. Try Qxf2 Services. We have just the right kind of testers for you.

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We'll lay the foundation for great testing at your startup

Our expert testers will:

identify high value areas to start testing

• mind maps • ACC model • layers model

guide you to setup test environments

identify and automate acceptance criteria

• Selenium • Appium • Page object model

setup a visual test case management tool

integrate automation with your CI server

hook-up to cloud-based environments

flesh out deploy and patch processes

embed themselves within your agile teams

Dive into the details

(We'll even show you how to do it yourself)

Our clients love working with us

I have worked closely with Arun and several members of the Qxf2 team for several years now. It has been an absolute pleasure working with this group. Working with large and complex data structures and statistical algorithms, Qxf2 has been critical to our success of delivering valid and reliable data under short timeframes to our clients partners.

Many people may be wary of working with a company located on a different continent; however, Arun and his team are masters at working remotely. There are some days that I speak with Arun and Saurabh more than other team members physically located in the same office.

Thank you Qxf2 for always making sure our data and software live up to our clients exceptionally high standards!

Natasha Scott, VP, Scientific Instruments @ Pascal Metrics

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