Modern testing for modern stacks

Early employees play an integral role in building a company and shaping its culture. So please read this carefully. If you are at odds with the kind of company we are building, then chances are you will not be happy joining Qxf2. I want Qxf2 to be a place where I would like to work. I have put some effort into identifying what that means for me.

What kind of company are we trying to build?

1. I want to spend my time among testing experts working on worthwhile problems

I place a premium on smart, motivated professionals who continually learn. I like colleagues that like testing. You will be pushed to continuously learn and actively look for new ways to do your current job. In fact, we test for this behavior during our interviews.

For example, during our interviews, you will be asked to do at least one of the following:

  • read, think and explain a new topic
  • test a real application and explain your testing approach
  • read and explain code in a dozen different languages
  • setup, explore and use new tools to solve a real problem

Take a look at our blog and you will notice we have gotten good at continually working on new challenges.

2. I want good testers to feel valued

Every company has its stars - people that the rest of the company look up to. In too many services based companies, the stars are salesmen or account managers or project managers. Testers become a commodity. Employees suffer through testing just so they can be promoted into more glamorous roles. Within Qxf2, I would like the stars to be testers. In order to make it happen, I have made a conscious decision to not optimize for growth in sales and head count. If you plan to join us in the hope that we expand rapidly and there by boost your wallet and your career, then sorry - Qxf2 is not going to be your lottery ticket. We have been profitable every year since inception. Beyond that I don't really care too much about revenue goals, head count, sales numbers and such.

3. I genuinely want to improve testing theory and practice

Since our inception, I have backed up this desire by investing Qxf2 time and my money into R&D. We have made several topics more accessible to the average tester. We work things out with clients so that even employees on client engagement have the freedom to experiment. Our goals page is accurate. It is worth reminding you that our goals do not include a dollar figure or a revenue target or rapid expansion. There are plenty of excellent companies that I personally admire, that have revenue and rapid growth as their goals - nothing wrong with that. Qxf2 is not yet in a position to pursue rapid growth aggressively. Take a close look at our goals and consider joining us only if our goals align with your current career objectives.

If these points seem abstract and you are wondering how they translate into concrete work, you can read our series on Where is Qxf2 headed?

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