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Myths about small companies

I notice a few prevalent myths about small companies. Quite often these myths play a big role is setting the wrong expectations from Qxf2. Please read through this section. It can save us both a lot of unnecessary effort.

a. Small company means startup

No. Not every new company is a startup. In this essay, Paul Graham of On Lisp and YCombinator fame, makes the argument that a startup is a company designed to grow fast. And by that definition we are not a startup. Qxf2 is not optimized for rapid growth in sales at this stage of our journey. Nothing wrong with having sales growth as a goal - it is just that we have chosen to pursue other goals.

b. Small company means low salaries initially

No, no! Most of our employees have received more than 30% pay hikes when they joined. We pay fairly. I accessed a Naukri database, wrote a Python script to figured out the 90th and 95th percentiles for tester wages and I use them as my baseline for determining base pay. You should not accept lower pay just to join Qxf2. If are not happy with what we offer, negotiate or just decline our offer.

c. Small company means long hours

No, no, no! Owners can have better ethics than that. My employees almost never work weekends. As a Qxf2 employee, if you are working on the weekends, it probably means you planned poorly. I do not view weekend work as a sign of heroism or commitment or dedication. I take working on weekends as a sign of trouble. And I definitely do not reward people for working on the weekend. We are professionals - we should be able to figure out how much work we can get done within work hours and set/negotiate reasonable expectations with our clients.

d. Small company means more uncertainty

Well, more visible uncertainty than bigger companies. You can be laid off from big companies with little to no notice. At least in a small company, it is more humane and the lay-offs are never a surprise. We spend a lot of time finding and hiring good people. So if business goes sour, we are still going to try to keep employees. If I am going to share bad news with you - it will not come as a surprise. You will receive enough notice, a clear plan on how we plan to address the situation and if you are not satisfied, I will help you with your job hunt. Once you are hired, I can promise this much as a founder, I will handle tough situations as responsibly and as openly as possible.

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