Modern testing for modern stacks

Arunkumar Muralidharan

I have always believed that testing is a key component of building remarkable software. I have been the first tester at two start-ups, tested early versions of several products, set up testing infrastructure from scratch, introduced good testing habits, and built and led teams. I know firsthand how much a structured and flexible approach to testing, in an otherwise chaotic start-up environment, helps to produce stable software. I decided to devote my career to testing.

I started my career as a modeling engineer for a highly analytical product that simulated computer networks. Since I like mathematics, I was drawn to validating the data produced by the tool. This led to developing testing scenarios, automating them, building and maintaining a lab. I introduced Selenium automation for the application way back in 2007-2008 when online support for Selenium was extremely sparse.

Then I decided to help a cool healthcare startup. I joined as their very first tester. There, I inherited a very real business problem. Their flagship product was undergoing a UI overhaul. The product was stuck in "development-complete" state for months without being deployed to production because business users repeatedly found issues. In two months, I put up tests for key areas, automated high value areas and signed off on a successful release. Since then, our agile teams got into the rhythm of deploying software every two weeks. I helped interview, hire and build the testing team. Before I knew it, I was managing 5 testers and setting the direction for QA efforts of two products. I am proud to say that my team helped drastically improve the quality of their software.

I loved my experience in the US. However, for personal reasons, I needed to move back to India. This is how Qxf2 was born. I have been lucky to hire excellent testers to form Team Qxf2. We focus on solving problems startups face when trying to establish testing. Qxf2 testers follow an approach that will lay a solid foundation for your testing. We have done it for other startups and are certain we can do it for you.

Apart from testing, I love math, chess and dogs. Contact me at [email protected], if you want to discuss any of these.

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