for startups

Qxf2's engineers are both fast and thorough. Their unique mix of automation and pro-active communication allowed our development team to deliver the highest quality software very rapidly.

Jacob Heric, Lead developer @ Pascal Metrics

Worried we may not be able to hang in with your engineering team?

Qxf2 testers tinker with technology all the time. We don't limit ourselves to only testing tools. For example, we:

When you work with Qxf2, you work with smart and enterprising testers with a flair for technology. No matter what your stack, we will be able to quickly pick it up and dig into the technical details.

We enjoy working at a rapid pace and prefer short, focussed sprints. Our own internal process is very light. Our R&D team runs one week sprints. We use a combination of Bitbucket, Skype, Trello and WordPress to manage our activities. We rarely email one another and prefer using Skype or Hangouts. Our reading lists include Hacker News and tweets from the top names in software engineering. So rest assured, we will fit in nicely with your engineering culture!