Modern testing for modern stacks

Mohan Kumar

I am an accomplished Quality Assurance Engineer with over four years of experience at Qxf2 Services. Throughout my career, I have developed a profound passion for UI and API automation, constantly striving to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in software testing. My expertise lies in Python and Typescript, and I have recently started on a journey to learn Rust, broadening my language repertoire. I possess extensive experience working with a diverse range of frameworks including Jest, Cucumber, Protractor, Selenium, and POM. My experience spans various testing domains encompassing API testing, unit testing, and end-to-end testing.

In addition to my proficiency in QA engineering, I have delved into the exciting field of IoT, particularly with Raspberry Pi. This endeavor has allowed me to gain valuable insights into the world of interconnected devices, expanding my technical skill set even further. When it comes to tools, I am well-versed in AWS EC2, Lambda, SageMaker, Azure Pipelines, Postman and digital analysis platforms like Amplitude, and Datadog. Leveraging these powerful tools, I have successfully optimized software performance and improved overall quality.

Outside of work, I find solace in the pages of books, indulging in my love for reading. I also actively engage in playing badminton. Furthermore, I am a passionate pet parent, cherishing the joys of nurturing my furry companions.

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