Modern testing for modern stacks

Qxf2: Modern testing for modern stacks
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Qxf2 provides technical testing services for early stage products. Conventional approaches to testing are insufficient for testing modern stacks. Our expertise extends well beyond traditional test automation. We employ an array of testing techniques, tools and practices that enable teams to become self-sufficient.

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We'll lay the foundation for great testing at your startup

Our expert testers will:

identify high value areas to start testing

choose testing stacks that suit your team

advice teams on ways to improve testability

expand the scope of test automation

• Data Quality • Contract tests • Service Virtualization

integrate test automation with your CI/CD pipeline(s)

collaboratively create a suitable test strategy

embed themselves within your agile teams

Qxf2 5-layer test strategy
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Initial engagement

We begin our engagements with a 12-week contract. This model has proven to work well with teams looking to integrate testing as a natural part of their software development cycle. In the first twelve weeks, we will focus on the following:

Qxf2 initial engagement
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We go well beyond "Test Automation"

(Sorry to go text heavy! This section is for engineering decision makers ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

We term our brand of testing as technical testing. For engineering leaders reading this, here are several examples of technical testing (as of 2022) that we identified, proposed and implemented at clients:

Created a Docker container with simulated devices using snmpsim.
  Impact: Enabled a team of testers write repeatable tests for a dashboard feature.

Developed a microservice to track release version and dependencies.
  Impact: The TestOps team could handle upgrades more efficiently.

Introduced model evaluation scores as part of test snapshots.
  Impact: Assisted the MLOPs team in the early days and was later integrated into the product!

Virtualized several third party integrations to aid in testing.
  Impact: Isolated testing the core of a product from it's integrations. enabled testing on local systems.

Implemented data quality tests and added several useful metrics to Prometheus.
  Impact: Shed light into the problems an AI/ML team was having integrating with other teams.

Built a PDF diff tool for a specific case.
  Impact: Gave our client confidence that a major upgrade did not break the vast reporting capabilities of their product.

Started a team of "manual testers" on ModResponse, a browser plugin.
  Impact: This no-code approach allowed them to test edge cases without having to setup data in the database.

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Select clients

Mangalore Infotech
Social Tables
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Our clients love working with us


I have worked closely with Arun and several members of the Qxf2 team for several years now. It has been an absolute pleasure working with this group. Working with large and complex data structures and statistical algorithms, Qxf2 has been critical to our success of delivering valid and reliable data under short timeframes to our clients partners.

Many people may be wary of working with a company located on a different continent; however, Arun and his team are masters at working remotely. There are some days that I speak with Arun and Saurabh more than other team members physically located in the same office.

Thank you Qxf2 for always making sure our data and software live up to our clients exceptionally high standards!

Natasha Scott, VP, Scientific Instruments @ Pascal Metrics

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We like keeping things simple. You can get in touch by emailing Arun ( or filling out this simple form.

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