QA for startups

Looking to join Qxf2 as a QA engineer? Check out the job description below. You will earn a phone screen, if you satisfy the points listed under should and indicate that you can put up with the points under will.

QA Engineer

You ...

  should have experience in writing test plans, test execution and reporting defects


  should have worked on technical projects outside college/work  (If you do this, we like you already! Apply even if you have no software/testing experience.)

  should have excellent oral and written communication skills

  should have the ability to coordinate with different teams and deliver independently

  should have basic knowledge of programming

  should have good analytical and problem solving skills

  will learn to develop and execute automation scripts

  will learn to apply the technology and testing practices that we use

  will write blog-posts related to software testing

We ...

  lay the foundation for testing at startups

  advise clients on testing tools, approaches and practices

  want good testers to feel valued

  want to improve testing theory and practice

  have low management overhead

  have a work culture of learning, doing and sharing

  work remote

How to apply

We don't need a resume. Just make sure you read this page. Then, send an email to mentioning that you have read through our careers page and point out what specifically appealed to you about Qxf2. Let's get talking!